{somebody pinch me}

happy saturday!

it has been such a fun week for us. brayson’s first summer camp went off without a hitch. i had my fair share of anxiety over it, and was super sad dropping him off the first day, but he loved it. that makes my mama heart oh-so-happy.

here’s a few shots from his first day-


these days, he’s reallyyyy not into pictures, so i didn’t press it the rest of the week. i did get an after camp shot, that i’ll post later.

thursday, the mister kept obsessing over the ups man. we had a big order from ikea coming in thursday or friday, but nothing breakable so i wasn’t understanding his concern over it. the final time he checked the front door, it dawned on me that maybe it was a birthday gift for me. typically cody waits ’til last minute so i was half thinking that i was just being silly.

wrong. dead wrong.

he brought a box in and pulled his phone out, started recording and told me to open it. i really had no idea what he might have gotten me that would be video worthy, but i dove in and it was the camera i had been drooling over for months: a canon 6d. i was totally shocked. he never ceases to amaze me.

so duh, we needed to have an updated family photo, that included my new baby:


and i needed to force my kids to take pictures at 7am the next morning before it was time for camp because i {needed} so badly to play with my new toy.


even the dogs weren’t exempt from the mamarazzi.


i’m still getting to know her, but i’m so excited to try and fail, nail it, flop, accidentally get the perfect shot, and all that good stuff.



p.s. husband: thank you. thank you for taking notes. thank you for supporting all my passions and crazy ideas. thank you for encouraging me. thank you for not killing me when i’m in my creative zone. thank you for loving me, our kids, our family, and our pups. and thank you for your continued patience as i obsessively look at lenses online. ❤


{did you miss me?}

i know, i know. i’ve been slacking. but, for a very good reason! it’s summer, so we’re trying to take advantage of the sunshine AND get some projects around the house done. i’ve still been taking my camera with me literally everywhere. in fact, last week, we took the kids to a children’s museum in new braunfels, texas. i took my camera because the last time i had been out that way, i stumbled upon a beautiful sunflower field. well, the cards were against me, and the field had recently been sprayed so all the flower heads were turned down. next year!

so here’s a few pictures i’ve shot lately…

yes. that’s my threenager, who is in trouble for dumping out the entire salt shaker.



brayson starts camp on monday! 3 hours a day for a week. my mama heart is all over the place but i know he’s going to absolutely love it. soooo, with him being at camp, it frees me up a tiny bit to get my learning on. you know, in-between taking care of sunny babes. i downloaded a breakout session from clickin moms and can’t wait to dive into it and learn some new stuff!

i’ll check back soon!



{sutton: 4 months}

hello again!

i know it has been awhile; we’ve been pretty busy around here. several birthdays [b turned three!],  car shopping [mama got a new ride!], a couple little road trips, company, and check ups for the littles at the doctor.

here’s a couple pictures of our sunny at 4 months. how did we get here already?! a few days ago, she rolled from her back to her tummy—slow it down, sister!

4 months:

i roll from my tummy to my back (since 3 months), and i’m working on trying to roll from my back to my tummy. i almost have it! i do much better on road trips than i did the first 2-3 months. i go to bed between 7-7:30pm and usually wake up around 3-4am for a little snack, then i go back to sleep till 7-7:30am. i still like to surprise mama and daddy every so often and wake up an additional time during the night—> extra cuddles, y’all! sometimes i sleep 12 hours straight.

i love watching my big brother. he makes me laugh. he also hands me my toys when i drop them, and gives me kisses. i stay happy as long as i’m apart of what’s going on. i like seeing and hearing people because i’m a social butterfly.

i still hate bottles and refuse to drink from one. mama has poured a lot of liquid gold down the sink—i just like it straight from the source.





well, there you have it. straight out of the mouth of my babe.



p.s. i’ll be starting another photo project soon! if anyone wants to join/link up, shoot me an email!

{z: zen master}

here we are! the last day of project abc! i really can’t believe how quickly it has flown by, but i’ve had a lot of fun with it and i’ll cherish these pictures i’ve captured of my little family. if you’ve been following along, thank you!

so, we originally planned to go to the zoo for z. but thanks to the all the rain, the zoo has been closed for a few days now. i definitely didn’t want to waste cody’s day off so i thought we could do toddler time at one the gymnastics gyms in town. wrong again, we got there and were told it was moved to a later time.

nothing else was open yet so we went to target. brayson loves target as much as i do and cody never minds. next was lunch at a hibachi and home for the littles to nap. sutton woke up first and cody went to get her and get some snuggles in with her. her favorite spot is his chest. it calms her every time and gives me a little break.


she’s so content there and it melts my heart to see their special bond.



{y: yummy little hands}

hey y’all, i can’t believe i’m nearing the end of my first photo project! the last few weeks have seriously flown by.

sutton has been constantly sucking on her hands the past few days, and the drool is something else lately. remembering these days, the little details, is just so important to me. how she crinkles her nose. which fingers she sucks on. i want to remember it all.


be still heart.

and some random shots (sunny finally caught those pesky feet may 26th!)




{x: xoxo}

having an {almost} three year old boy means we keep band-aids on hand at all times. actually, brayson’s Easter basket had band-aids in it. it’s not that he gets hurt often, he really doesn’t {knocking on wood}, but when he does, we go through the boo boo protocol over and over. for days.

what’s the boo boo protocol? well, after hearing an abrupt thump, or seeing a head over heels tumble, i ask brayson if he is okay. he always replies “no!” and appears angry at the ground, or whatever he thinks hurt him. once it’s established that he is actually injured, boo boo protocol ensues as follows:

  1. xoxo: kisses and hugs
  2. if that alone doesn’t solve it, offer a band-aid. band-aids make everything better, even when they aren’t necessary {if they aren’t necessary, skip to step 5}
  3. if the injury actually needs a band-aid, clean the cut or scrape
  4. more xoxo’s because brayson hates hydrogen peroxide
  5. put band-aid on: all better!
  6. repeat multiple times a day, because band-aid’s go missing quicker than sock mates




also– daily storms are infringing on my natural light {sad face}

{w: waiting on brayson}

potty training has definitely come with its own hardships. we first tried potty training back when brayson turned two and after 4-5 days, we figured out that he just wasn’t ready. my tipping point was when he sat on the potty for 30 minutes, didn’t go, and then ran to the kitchen and peed in my potato/onion/garlic basket. things just weren’t clicking for him and he was starting to get agitated with the whole thing.

fast forward a few months, and i’m 37 weeks pregnant and he finally shows interest. so, we gave it a go and slowly but surely, we’ve gotten him potty trained. potty training a toddler while taking care of a newborn certainly has its difficulties. one of which being that it’s basically a law of nature that brayson will have to use the potty at the exact moment that sutton is STARVING.

luckily, brayson is a pretty patient kid. he’ll park his little behind on the potty and stay there until i have a spare hand to help him wipe. while this is great, half the time, i’m actually waiting on him because he likes to take his sweet time.


i just love those little flintstone feet.



{v: vis-à-vis}

hello again!

today’s letter is “v” and most english words starting with v that were coming to mind were either medically related, gross, or had a negative connotation. so i went off the grid and found a french phrase, vis-à-vis, meaning face to face.


these two. i love how much they play off of each other. brayson loves it when sunny smiles at him, and she just can’t help but smile every time she sees him. it’s a cycle of cuteness overload.



{u: unbelievably deee-licious}

i hope everyone is enjoying their memorial day…and remembering what today is truly about!

ice cream is like, life-changing, in brayson’s world. there’s a lot of things that get him excited, but ice cream is hands down top on his list. i totally give him ice cream on days that i just need a good laugh. he’s that animated. and i love it.


….and a throwback to the original ice cream face {iPhone pic but oh so great}:


hehehe, makes me giggle every single time.



{t: tummy time}

hello again!

tummy time was never much fun for brayson, but sunny will tolerate it for short spurts. when she’s over it, she’ll flip to her back and be content there for a bit. she’s a pretty easy going, happy babe.


she just has the sweetest little smile. i fall in love ten times over every time she smiles ❤ this shot was especially adorable because she was looking at her big brother. she loves him so.