{s: super coon}

yay for saturday! yesterday was just not in the cards for us to take our picture for “s” and today we have a busy afternoon/evening ahead so i’m playing catch up the best i can while i can sneak a few minutes between keeping the kiddos happy.

a few months ago, brayson was begging me for a super hero costume. i didn’t like any of the ones i had seen at the store and so i decided to make one for him that was one of a kind. he’s loves being a super raccoon and fighting crime around the house. this kid keeps the neighborhood in check!


canon t3i, f/stop: 4.5, shutter: 1/60, iso: 1600

holy iso! excuse the graininess! the lighting isn’t great on the front side of the house until the afternoon.




{r: rub a dub dub}

happy thursday!

bath time is a fave in our house. brayson loved baths from the get go, and sutton has so far as well. typically they bathe together, with sutton in a baby tub at the back of the tub, but brayson still gets a nice, full, bubble bath to himself at times. he loves the bubbles.


top to bottom: canon t3i, f/stop: 3.5, shutter: 1/60, iso: 400; canon t3i, f/stop: 4.0, shutter: 1/30, iso: 400; canon t3i, f/stop: 4.5, shutter: 1/30, iso: 800.




{q: quick! to the coffeemaker, b-rabbit!}

it’s true. i survive on coffee. almost every morning since becoming a stay at home mom, i wake up an hour before the kids and i have my coffee—in the dark, in the quiet. i’m not much of a morning person hehehe. later in the day, i’ll have a second cup to reboot.

brayson has made me pretend coffee for months now, and just recently, he’s started to make my second cup. he lovessss the keurig– blinking lights and buttons are always a huge hit with him. so he sits on the counter, makes my coffee in one of my rae dunn mugs <<those mugs are everythinggg>> and makes a pretend to-go cup for himself. then we sit together in the living room and sip our coffee.


canon t3i, 50mm lens, f/stop: 3.5, shutter: 1/60, iso: 400

i had my shutter speed set too slow for the shot above^, but i salvaged the picture the best i could. his raw excitement was just too perfect.


canon t3i, 50mm lens, f/stop: 3.5, shutter: 1/90, iso: 400



{p: puppy love}

hello again!

we were fur-parents first, to two adorable shelties. although they keep their distance around toddlers, they loveeee babies. mostly licking babies…until they get their hair pulled.


canon t3i, 50mm lens, f/stop: 3.5, shutter: 1/45, iso: 400

this was a tough picture to capture because sutton wanted to eat her hands—or the pup’s ear, and the pup wanted to lick her toes. so i’ll leave you with some cute SOOC shots…



{o: oh my, oh my, oh dinosaurs}

good morning! i’ll be playing catch up today so check back later on today for “p”!

reading is huge around here. every night, we read to brayson (and sutton if she’s having it) before bed. usually i’ll read him a book and then he “reads” it back to me. his imagination is just the cutest!

lately, he’s wanted to read his books to sutton. it’s so sweet to have them both snuggled up and listening to brayson tell his stories. sunny girl is usually grinning ear to ear the entire time. she thinks he’s the bees knees, y’all.


canon t3i, 50mm lens, f/stop: 2.5, shutter 1/90, iso: 400


canon t3i, 50mm lens, f/stop: 2.5, shutter 1/20, iso: 100


canon t3i, 50mm lens, f/stop: 2.5, shutter 1/20, iso: 100

sandra boynton is one of our favorite authors. her books are bright, cheerful, and encourage silliness. brayson just recently got the “oh my, oh my, oh dinosaurs” book of hers and he lovessss it. he already has it memorized for the most part, but he makes up a lot of his own storyline, too.

gotta love pj snuggles and story time!



{n: need for speed}

sunday fun-day again and cody was off today. he’s been wanting to teach brayson how to ride his bike for awhile now. we gave it a go several months ago but b’s legs were just too short to reach the pedals. his legs are finally long enough and needless to say, he loved everyyyy second of riding his bike. >>especially the part when we found the ice cream truck in the neighborhood. ice cream for the win!<<


canon t3i, 50mm lens, f/stop: 2.5, shutter: 1/2000, iso: 100



canon t3i, 50mm lens, f/stop: 2.5, shutter: 1/250, iso: 100

my baby is growing up on me! besides brayson just being an adorable kid {i may be a bit partial}, i loveeee that he’s riding the same bicycle that was cody’s when he was brayson’s age. cody brought it home from his mom’s house last year and gave it a new life.

my cup runneth over.



{m: mowing like daddy}

happy saturday!

all this rain we’ve been getting means we have to mow 5x as often as we’re used to mowing. while it stinks that it takes up so much of cody’s time off, brayson loves every second of it.

typically brayson either watches cody from the window like a hawk, or he trails behind cody with his play mower. like father, like son. cody definitely hates mowing, but it makes things more interesting when you have a pint sized shadow behind you.


canon t3i, f/stop: 4.5, shutter: 1/90, iso: 100

i just love my boys ❤



{l: land of the free}

i decided to do something a little different today, and i’m so glad i did. yesterday evening, our town had its dedication ceremony for the field of honor. the field of honor is a field of over 2,200 American flags, honoring those who have and are currently serving our country. it really is a beautiful sight to see.

i went, with the kids in tow and as i was getting sutton situated in the ergo, a bus carrying veterans pulled into the parking lot. it was really something to see them all walking the field of honor, some with their families, and stopping at the base of the cross. we were able to chat with a few of them, and you could tell that the field just meant so much to them. so, go thank a soldier, a veteran, a wounded warrior. be sure to also thank their families who sacrifice so much themselves. a little thank you and a smile goes a long way.

flagwithbackground3 copy

canon t3i, 50mm lens, f/stop: 3.5, shutter: 1/1500, iso: 100 {yay for sunlight!}

the field was muddy, y’all. in fact, i spotted a few people walking through barefoot.


for more info on the field of honor and warriors weekend, check out:






{k: kisses}

we didn’t float away today but we had a pretty crazy storm come through. my lighting wasn’t the greatest, but i made do.

luckily for me, b loves giving sutton kisses. he’s such a great big brother. i love seeing how affectionate he is towards her and how her face lights up when she sees or hears him.


canon t3i, 50mm, f/stop: 2.5, shutter: 1/90, iso: 200

…and on that note, i have two hangry kiddos that need feeding before meltdowns begin 😉



{j: jeep hair, don’t care}

hi y’all!

it’s been raining a lot here lately, so we haven’t gotten to play outside as much as we would like. today wasn’t the prettiest day, but we made the best of it.

brayson lovessss driving around in his jeep, add a dog as his fearless bribed passenger, and he was in hog heaven.

internet: meet cooder, one of our two shelties. cash, our other sheltie, would have no part in these shenanigans.



canon t3i, 50mm lens, f/stop: 4.5, shutter: 1/180, iso: 400