{z: zen master}

here we are! the last day of project abc! i really can’t believe how quickly it has flown by, but i’ve had a lot of fun with it and i’ll cherish these pictures i’ve captured of my little family. if you’ve been following along, thank you!

so, we originally planned to go to the zoo for z. but thanks to the all the rain, the zoo has been closed for a few days now. i definitely didn’t want to waste cody’s day off so i thought we could do toddler time at one the gymnastics gyms in town. wrong again, we got there and were told it was moved to a later time.

nothing else was open yet so we went to target. brayson loves target as much as i do and cody never minds. next was lunch at a hibachi and home for the littles to nap. sutton woke up first and cody went to get her and get some snuggles in with her. her favorite spot is his chest. it calms her every time and gives me a little break.


she’s so content there and it melts my heart to see their special bond.




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