{w: waiting on brayson}

potty training has definitely come with its own hardships. we first tried potty training back when brayson turned two and after 4-5 days, we figured out that he just wasn’t ready. my tipping point was when he sat on the potty for 30 minutes, didn’t go, and then ran to the kitchen and peed in my potato/onion/garlic basket. things just weren’t clicking for him and he was starting to get agitated with the whole thing.

fast forward a few months, and i’m 37 weeks pregnant and he finally shows interest. so, we gave it a go and slowly but surely, we’ve gotten him potty trained. potty training a toddler while taking care of a newborn certainly has its difficulties. one of which being that it’s basically a law of nature that brayson will have to use the potty at the exact moment that sutton is STARVING.

luckily, brayson is a pretty patient kid. he’ll park his little behind on the potty and stay there until i have a spare hand to help him wipe. while this is great, half the time, i’m actually waiting on him because he likes to take his sweet time.


i just love those little flintstone feet.




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