{somebody pinch me}

happy saturday!

it has been such a fun week for us. brayson’s first summer camp went off without a hitch. i had my fair share of anxiety over it, and was super sad dropping him off the first day, but he loved it. that makes my mama heart oh-so-happy.

here’s a few shots from his first day-


these days, he’s reallyyyy not into pictures, so i didn’t press it the rest of the week. i did get an after camp shot, that i’ll post later.

thursday, the mister kept obsessing over the ups man. we had a big order from ikea coming in thursday or friday, but nothing breakable so i wasn’t understanding his concern over it. the final time he checked the front door, it dawned on me that maybe it was a birthday gift for me. typically cody waits ’til last minute so i was half thinking that i was just being silly.

wrong. dead wrong.

he brought a box in and pulled his phone out, started recording and told me to open it. i really had no idea what he might have gotten me that would be video worthy, but i dove in and it was the camera i had been drooling over for months: a canon 6d. i was totally shocked. he never ceases to amaze me.

so duh, we needed to have an updated family photo, that included my new baby:


and i needed to force my kids to take pictures at 7am the next morning before it was time for camp because i {needed} so badly to play with my new toy.


even the dogs weren’t exempt from the mamarazzi.


i’m still getting to know her, but i’m so excited to try and fail, nail it, flop, accidentally get the perfect shot, and all that good stuff.



p.s. husband: thank you. thank you for taking notes. thank you for supporting all my passions and crazy ideas. thank you for encouraging me. thank you for not killing me when i’m in my creative zone. thank you for loving me, our kids, our family, and our pups. and thank you for your continued patience as i obsessively look at lenses online. ❤


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