{x: xoxo}

having an {almost} three year old boy means we keep band-aids on hand at all times. actually, brayson’s Easter basket had band-aids in it. it’s not that he gets hurt often, he really doesn’t {knocking on wood}, but when he does, we go through the boo boo protocol over and over. for days.

what’s the boo boo protocol? well, after hearing an abrupt thump, or seeing a head over heels tumble, i ask brayson if he is okay. he always replies “no!” and appears angry at the ground, or whatever he thinks hurt him. once it’s established that he is actually injured, boo boo protocol ensues as follows:

  1. xoxo: kisses and hugs
  2. if that alone doesn’t solve it, offer a band-aid. band-aids make everything better, even when they aren’t necessary {if they aren’t necessary, skip to step 5}
  3. if the injury actually needs a band-aid, clean the cut or scrape
  4. more xoxo’s because brayson hates hydrogen peroxide
  5. put band-aid on: all better!
  6. repeat multiple times a day, because band-aid’s go missing quicker than sock mates




also– daily storms are infringing on my natural light {sad face}


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