{sutton: 4 months}

hello again!

i know it has been awhile; we’ve been pretty busy around here. several birthdays [b turned three!],  car shopping [mama got a new ride!], a couple little road trips, company, and check ups for the littles at the doctor.

here’s a couple pictures of our sunny at 4 months. how did we get here already?! a few days ago, she rolled from her back to her tummy—slow it down, sister!

4 months:

i roll from my tummy to my back (since 3 months), and i’m working on trying to roll from my back to my tummy. i almost have it! i do much better on road trips than i did the first 2-3 months. i go to bed between 7-7:30pm and usually wake up around 3-4am for a little snack, then i go back to sleep till 7-7:30am. i still like to surprise mama and daddy every so often and wake up an additional time during the night—> extra cuddles, y’all! sometimes i sleep 12 hours straight.

i love watching my big brother. he makes me laugh. he also hands me my toys when i drop them, and gives me kisses. i stay happy as long as i’m apart of what’s going on. i like seeing and hearing people because i’m a social butterfly.

i still hate bottles and refuse to drink from one. mama has poured a lot of liquid gold down the sink—i just like it straight from the source.





well, there you have it. straight out of the mouth of my babe.



p.s. i’ll be starting another photo project soon! if anyone wants to join/link up, shoot me an email!


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