{i: i still do}

two posts in one day? i just may be slaying tuesday. i kid, i kid.

today’s letter is “i” for “i still do”. we just had our seven year anniversary on April 18th. i really can’t believe we’ve already been married for seven years! it just flew by.

i’m seriously one lucky girl. i couldn’t have found a better man to kidnap and force to marry me. again, i kid, kid. for some crazy reason, he chose me back, and i’m so glad he did. some days i just quietly watch him (in a non-creepy way, i swear) and just can’t help but to fall in love all over again. he’s such a great husband and daddy.

seven years later…i still do ❤



canon t31, 50mm, f/stop: 2.0, shutter: 1/180, iso: 400

fun fact: on the inside of my engagement ring, cody had engraved “i’m right here” after the song “Fall” by clay walker.




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