{b: baby feet}

happy tuesday!

here we are, day two of my ABC photography project! for the letter “b”, i chose baby feet. there’s just a whole lot of cuteness in baby feet and remembering those little details is something i cherish. they grow so fast–too fast!

canon t31, 50mm 1.8 lens: f/stop: 2.0, shutter: 1/45, iso: 100

a few things about the photo:

  1. i hate using a remote. with a passion. after every snap, the camera would go out of focus and i’d have to jump out of the frame to fix it.
  2. in addition to having to reset for each shot, i couldn’t get the focus just right because of having to jump out of the frame. obviously, i wanted all the focus on sutton’s tootsies, but our hands caught most of the focus.
  3. overall, i’m still happy with the photo. i just wish i could somehow clone myself and avoid all the technical difficulties that can come with a remote shot šŸ˜‰
  4. as for the edits, i just couldn’t choose between color or b&w so i decided to upload both.

thanks for stopping by!



p.s. those interested in starting their own abc photography challenge, it’s not too late! lets link up!


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