{a: a mother’s love}

it is day one of my abc photography project and i couldn’t have been more stoked about making my vision for “a” come to life. i thought it would be only fitting that today’s project have something to do with motherhood since yesterday was mother’s day!

a: a mother’s love


canon t3i, 50mm 1.8 lens: f/stop 2.5, shutter: 1/60, iso: 400

so, a little about this picture… first off, hayyyy y’all! that’s me and my littles. i’m very rarely in pictures because i take my job as the mamarazzi very seriously. i do love getting the rare opportunity to get pictures of me & and the kiddos. they are my world. my husband is pretty great, too šŸ˜‰

anyway, i’m the reader of the books in our house. brayson made it very clear to his daddy that only mama reads. i’m good with that. i love snuggling up with him each night to read a book. it’s even more special now that sutton is here. this particular book, “love you forever”, is one of my favorites. i don’t read it often because i can’t make it through without crying. like, ugly tears.

finally, the picture within in the picture: its a picture of my mom and me when i was young. we had been riding horses all day and i was tuckered out, so she let me jump on with her and take a nap the rest of the way back to the trailers. i don’t have very many pictures with my mom so the ones i have, i cherish with all my heart.

happy mother’s day, y’all.





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