{welcome to my corner of the world}


howdy y’all!

introducing myself has always been a little awkward, starting way back in grade school, so bear with me! i’m allie– 27, wife, mother of two [brayson, 2 & sutton, 3 months], and a wanna-be photog. i bought my first DSLR wayyy back in 2006. i currently shoot with a Canon T3i, but i’m drooling over the Canon 6D.

i started this blog as a way to work on my photography and hold myself accountable. i’ll be doing photography projects in hopes of gaining new skills, improving on some old ones, share with family & friends, and to just enjoy one of my hobbies.

the first project i’ll be doing is a 26 day ABC photography challenge–starting tomorrow! for each day, i’ll take, edit, and post a photo which corresponds to the letter that day. think, A is for apple…except {hopefully} more exciting and interesting.

thanks for stopping by. i look forward to sharing!

❤ allie


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